Why Should You Cycle?

Why Cycle?


Healthy and Fit?

5 miles cycling a day keeps the doctor away – and the psychiatrist! No need for caffeine on arrival nor alcohol on return as that ride will de-stress even the most demanding job and 5 miles = 30 minutes daily exercise so you arrive relaxed.

Eat what you want – those calories become fuel, not fat to fur up arteries! Cycling burns excess fat, improves metabolic rate and maintains a healthy weight.


Convenience and Cost

Time your journey to the minute, stopping at red lights but going to front means no queueing. No worries about parking or paying a meter – lock it outside or take a folder in with you – so easy! Rising fuel costs? Not unless you need that sticky bun – but that’s fun!

Something in that shop catch your eye? Pull over and look!

Extended journeys are easy with train bus and bike


Sociable Community and the Feel Good Factor

Don’t know your neighbours – dashing from house to car? With a bike, you make friends with everyone you pass, a smile, hello or a chat if you’ve time.

Cyclists don’t hide behind a glass screen of anonymity and often greet in passing.

Feel the elements – even wind and rain inspire. The smell of grass or hay and a glimpse of field over hedge missed by drivers.


Care for the future

No-one can doubt his responsibility to reduce his impact on the environment. Would you take a plane for 50 miles – so why a car for 3 when a bike does it in 15mins. Play fair – go by bike!